Mika Nakashige ’13 in Kyoto

                Mika Nakashige ’13 spent the 2011-2012 school year in Kyoto, Japan, at the Associated Kyoto Program. The Honolulu, Hawaii, native is a Chemistry major. Why did you decide to go to Kyoto? Since my family is from Japan (my father’s side came to Hawaii from Kumamoto and

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Ncuti Clement Nzakamwita, CDE Alumnus from Rwanda

Where are you from? I am from Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. What did you do before you came to Williams? How did you find out about Williams, and why did you decide to come? I worked for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning of Rwanda where I worked as a macroeconomic policy

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Uttara Partap ’13 from Nepal

“I have met some of my most special friends here, and we define our group as a family.”

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Nora Randolph ’13 in Spain

A Comparative Literature major at Williams, Nora Randolph ’13 spent the 2011-2012 school year with the Hamilton College Academic Year in Madrid, Spain. Why did you decide to go to Spain?  How did you choose the program that you did?  Had you been to Spain before? I decided to go to Spain because I study

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Jessica Plumbley ’13 in Spain

Jessica Plumbley ’13 has recently returned from a year abroad in Madrid, Spain, at the Hamilton College in Madrid program. Why did you decide to go to Spain?  How did you choose the program that you did?  Had you been to Spain before? I was interested in bettering my skills in Spanish both for my

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Ashley Ray-Harris ’13 in Hamburg

Ashley Ray-Harris is a recent alumna from DeSoto, Texas.  Interested in the racial and cultural diversity of modern German culture, DeSoto chose to study for a year in Hamburg through the Smith College Junior Year Abroad program. Why did you decide to go to Hamburg?  I decided on Hamburg because I wanted to be fully

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Ville Satopää ’11 from Finland

“I came to Williams with an open mind! I really wanted to understand and learn from the American culture.”

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Annelise Snyder ’11 in Fiji

Annelise in Fiji

“At the end of the lab period, the local students asked if they could eat the sea urchins we studied.”

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Thammika (Prim) Songkaeo ’11

Originally from Thailand, Prim graduated in 2011 and is about to embark on a PhD program in Comparative Literature at UT Austin.

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Emily Spine ’11: “Intercambios en Española”

Emily Spine in Spain

“For me, study abroad was a time for exploration. I grew personally, becoming more self-reliant on myself, due to traveling.”

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