Uttara Partap '13 from Nepal

Name: Uttara Partap
Majors: Biology major, Biochemistry Concentration
Class: 2013
Citizenship: India (but born and brought up in Nepal)

I learned about Williams through senior students at my high school who had applied to Williams. Their stories about Williams interested me and when I began to file my applications to US colleges, Williams topped the list. I chose to enroll at Williams primarily due to its excellent academic reputation. I also quite liked the idea of having a purple cow as a mascot.

Academically, Williams is one of the best places to be. The student-professor interaction in this place is something you do not find back at home in Nepalese Colleges. More than that, there is a lot I can learn just by collaboration with people in my class given their diverse backgrounds. Besides academics, Williams also has a rich extracurricular student body. There is always so much that fit my interests yet there is never enough time to do everything I would love to.

I do miss a lot about home sometimes, especially my family. Luckily, I have met some of my most special friends here too, and we define our group as a family. This makes Williams seem more like home to me, most of the time. Being here has challenged me to push myself to the farthest I can reach in all facets of my life.