Thammika (Prim) Songkaeo '11

1.) What brought you to Williams? (I.e. How did you find out about Williams and what made you decide to attend?)

Honest answer: As with many international students, I found out about Williams via US News rankings. When I got in, I didn’t have a reason to not attend the top school (besides the fact that I had to pay for it…).

2.) What were you expecting before arriving?

I came without expectations. I’m (glad I am) spontaneous and impulsive (as the interviewer knows) and pretty much decided to come to Williams without knowing anything about it. It was sort of like having a blind date, knowing just the name and not much of anything else.

3.) What were your first impressions upon arriving?

“America is hot just like Thailand.” (I got here in August, late at night, and it was still so hot.)

4.) How have these impressions changed?

America gets very cold.

5.) Were (are) there any difficulties in assimilating to American culture?

I went to an international school and spent three years in Los Angeles, so I was used to having multicultural friends and speaking English, but it is still tough to recognize and know the pop culture references here.

7.) Is there anything you miss about your home?

Food and open-air markets.

8.) How did you decide on your major?

I didn’t take a French class freshman year (after having done French since I was twelve years old), then realized I was missing it way too much, so I probably would want it for the rest of my life. Later, I saw that I could get an Asian Studies major out of many of my classes. I became a French and Asian Studies double-major.