Annelise Snyder '11 in Fiji

Annelise in Fiji

Name: Annelise Snyder
Class: 2011
Major: Biology and Chemistry, Biochemistry concentration
Citizenship: USA
Country Visited Abroad: Fiji

I decided to study abroad, because I wanted to take Biology classes in a region rich in biodiversity. By traveling to a relatively unknown region of the world, I wanted to become more independent and work on adapting to new situations. I choose to study in Fiji mainly because I desired to see how classes were like at a university in a Third World country.

Studying abroad has made me a more relaxed person–one who can deal with minor adversities in a healthier way. I have become more appreciative of everything that we have here in the US.

One funny experience abroad involves my Invertebrate Biology class. Our labs mainly consisted of taking 10 minute trips to interior jungle areas or reef flats, where we would scamper around collecting bugs, crabs, starfish, and snails. One day, however, our instructor brought marine invertebrates into the lab classroom for dissection and observation. Every lab group had their own sea urchin. At the end of the lab period, the local students eagerly asked our instructor if they could eat the sea urchins since we were finished studying them. The instructor replied, “Can’t let them go to waste!” I found myself sitting on a stool finishing up my worksheet while my classmates happily snacked on their lab subjects. It was a bit of a departure from my usual lab periods at Williams.