We are honored to have your sons and daughters at Williams.

Williamstown is situated in Berkshire County in the northwest corner of Massachusetts bordering Vermont and New York. Known for its natural beauty, culture, and learning, Williamstown and its allure are captured in the phrase “culture plus nature.”

Each year we look forward with great anticipation to the arrival of our new students and to the contribution they will make to campus life. We expect you will enjoy as much as we do their excitement and growth as they explore college life.

Parents are an important part of the Williams College community. We welcome you and anticipate that this is only the beginning of a long association with Williams. We hope it will be a rich and memorable experience.

The College’s Mission

Williams seeks to provide the finest possible liberal arts education by nurturing in students the academic and civic virtues, and their related traits of character. Academic virtues include the capacities to explore widely and deeply, think critically, reason empirically, express clearly, and connect ideas creatively. Civic virtues include a commitment to engage with the broad public realm and community life, and the skills to do so effectively. These virtues, in turn, have associated traits of character. For example, free inquiry requires open-mindedness, and commitment to community draws on concern for others.

We extend a curriculum that offers wide opportunities for learning, ensures close attention of faculty to students but also encourages students to learn independently, and reflects the complexity and diversity of the world. We seek to do this in an atmosphere that nurtures the simple joy of learning as a lifelong habit and commitment.